Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby I Week 21: I Pee When I Sneeze, Can't Sleep, and Eat a Bottle of Tums a Day. Life's Good!

21 weeks and things are rolling along nicely. Milo should weigh about a pound now! I think that's a milestone... super cool.

So I know I've complained a lot about having to pee all the time... well, at least peeing then was fairly voluntary. Now when I sneeze, not only do I have to worry about not blowing my excess snot every where (thanks estrogen) but now I have to pray I don't pee my pants too. It's AWESOME... hahaha. But to me, it's SO funny, that if I do (and we aren't talking a lot of pee or anything) then I laugh really hard... and well then it's all down hill from there!

So sleeping is getting worse, after 2am or so I start waking up every 30 minutes or so, tossing and turning A LOT. It's no surprise Eric and I are in separate beds now. Sleeping with me is a very serious hazard. Anyhow, it's not horrible, I feel like I'm getting enough sleep, it's just interrupted a lot.

So my heartburn has been epic. Sometimes it's so bad it makes me nauseous, which is even more awesome. I'm going through Tums like there's no tomorrow.

Other than that, Milo has been pretty quiet this week. I've put on some more weight, I'm to about 5 pounds now. I feel his little kicks by afternoon up until bedtime. He likes to sleep in. He's VERY low, I haven't felt his kicks past my belt line. He's kicking like crazy right now, I think he likes being talked about :)

Oh update on my bedding. It came, I love it, but it did NOT come with some of the items listed. There were only 9 items, not 12... so I went back to the page and it's been changed to say 10, but I didn't even get the 10! I'm returning it... because we found the SAME set for just $49.99 on Ebay and I was even able to find the additional, missing accessories for dirt cheap (that mobile in the picture, I got it for $6 on Ebay!!)

That's my update, hope you guys are enjoying these :)

Taking Milo out to get a vegetarian dinner at the Saturn Cafe, see Ghostbusters in the theater, and go out for ice cream! Ok maybe it was for Eric, but Milo enjoyed it too! 

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