Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby I Week 20: It's a Boy!!! A Plethora of Exciting Symptoms

I'm 20 weeks, half way there! The rest should be down hill right? Not so much, but good stuff first! We FINALLY know what we are having, our baby is very clearly a boy, he left nothing to the imagination! We have posted a video of the ultrasound, so check it out! So come October, we will be welcoming home little Milo Eric Gentry!

This week I gained 3 pounds, I little much if you ask me. That takes me to a total of 4 1/2 pounds so far, though I think I look like I gained 50. We ate out a lot, again, and had 3 parties to attend... so I did not attain my eating healthier this week goal. Next week :)

So my body is just losing control. I've been to the doctor a lot this week. I had really severe pains in my right side where my ovary would be, which is where I have a gigantic cyst and I thought it had ruptured or something. Doctor checked it out and turns out my ovary isn't even there anymore, it's way higher because it's being dragged along by my expanding uterus. The pain seemed too severe to be round ligament pains, I was to the point of limping around it was so bad. Turns out, right at 20 weeks your uterus begins to kinda spin/pivot to the left, causing a lot of extra strain on the right ligaments. So that's what I was feeling. It sucked.

I only know one other mom who said she got this, but my hands and feet have been going numb a lot at random times. Not just if I'm laying on them funny or sitting for a long time. I can be driving, sleeping, typing, cooking, whatever. It's supposed to be a precursor to pregnancy induced carpal tunnel... oh and guess what kicked in last night.

So as of last night, my right hand sucks and is pretty useless. It'll be fine, and then suddenly I won't be able to grip anything, or if I do it hurts like hell. Yesterday sweeping the garage was like the most painful thing in the world. Totally pitiful. I guess this just happens, will sometimes worsen over the course of the pregnancy, then a couple weeks after the baby is born just go away. It has to do with water retention during pregnancy.

When I heard my feet would swell I expected it to be an even swelling of the whole foot, but not my feet for some reason. The bottoms of my feet have been swelling, so when I walk it feels like I'm walking no a big lump, but I'm not. It's totally gross, I've been trying to stay off my feet. My feet are also SUPER hot still, it's the most annoying thing at night.

I was going to post pictures of all my new baby stuff but for some reason I can't add pictures right now. Weird. Boo you Blogger.

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