Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby I Week 19: Let the Gains Begin, When Life Gives You Lemons

19 weeks means we are almost half way! So the scale finally moved! About a pound and a half up. Not bad... but it might have something to do with me having Super Pollo twice this week... so if it doesn't move much this next week (I'll be eating healthier to make up for my past transgressions) I won't be surprised.

So I've been eating lemons... I don't know why, they just seem really good to me right now. I've been eating a lot of fruit throughout this entire pregnancy, but now sour stuff is really what I'm wanting. I've never been into grapefruit and suddenly I'm craving it... and I'm not even sure I know what it tastes like, just the smell! Eric and I were shopping yesterday and I picked up grapefruit soap... Oh I wanted to eat it so bad! Eric stopped me though.

Oh so I was taught a big lesson this week: respect your guts, they rule your life whether you want to admit it or not. Last week I boasted that I was sliding through this pregnancy without succumbing to constipation like so many others before me. No joke, the next day it was like my body said "Oh yeah bitch, I'll show you who's boss!" Nothing for like 4 days... honestly, I was ready to start sacrificing cows to appease my angry (and VERY stubborn) intestines. So... lesson learned, I am my gut's bitch, I will not disrespect them!

We had an ultrasound with the new doctor, Dr. Keith, on Tuesday. Unfortunately, our modest little one managed to fashion himself a lovely little umbilical cord tunic, dramatically reducing our ability to get a peak at whether we would be welcoming a Lyla or Milo. However, the doctor thought he did see what looked very much like a penis poking from one side of his lovely umbilical cord creation. Honestly, the entire day before, Memorial Day, I had this growing feeling that it was a boy. For the first time he (and yes, we are just going to go with "he" right now) was really kicking like crazy... not fluttering... kicking like there was a footlong Chuck Norris going kung fu on my uterus. At lunch Eric poked my belly all hard, and with a vengeance baby round house kicked back. It was hysterical. Eric also admitted that at one point, the thought of it being a girl just disappeared and he couldn't imagine it not being a boy. Clearly, baby is practicing mind control. I think we are in for it.

So that's all... we will be getting another ultrasound soon... so hopefully there will be a more cooperative baby this time!

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