Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby I Week 18: A Poke Hello, Laxative Baby

Week 18! 22 weeks to go! Eric has just requested I slow it down... hahaha. Crazy week! I felt the baby! I was thinking every gas bubble might be baby saying hi... but when I felt more of a tapping and swish feeling, I knew that was something new! I was super active yesterday then I crashed, so I didn't feel him/her. I read it's pretty sporadic at first so I'm not too concerned.

So I deal with poop a lot in my daily life, since I work with babies and animals. So I'm open about poop so sorry if this is gross to you. So baby is not just gastric bypass baby, but laxative baby too! I lost 2 pounds, all into the toilet. Honestly, I don't think food has been lasting much longer than an hour in my system, it's crazy! I hear a lot about constipation, which I haven't had at all. I was accused of it by an angry Filipino nurse though. "Cori tell us more" So girls are used to seeing blood in the toilet, no shocker. Even during pregnancy some spotting is to be expected and is normal. But when I was around 8 weeks, too my horror, I found a small amount of blood... in my poop. I was freaking out, I thought my intestines were going to fall out, and I called the doctor. I got what I guess was a nurse practitioner who was completely insensitive and said in her broken English "You not bleed from your vagina, you are ok, you are constipated, drink water." The way she said vagina particularly pissed me off and I yelled back "I'm bleeding from my ASS, that is NOT normal and I am NOT constipated!" We went back and forth again and I hung up and googled the issue. Turns out I was fine... but this reminds me of another ass issue.

So I learned what hemorrhoids were. All I knew was that it had something to do with an itchy ass... and you didn't want them during jury duty (according to commercials). Well I guess pregnant women get them a lot? In case you are not Hemorrhoid-literate, like me, its when a vein in the rectum/anus bulges. Gross... they go hand and hand with the whole varicose veins which are also bulging veins... SUPER GROSS. I really hope that I don't get either of these... but if I do... I will let you know.

I feel I am a long way off from losing my belly button, but I've been checking its depth regularly and it's much shallower. For those of you who don't know, I have an unusually deep belly button. If I put my finger in it, it goes in to the first joint in my finger. I expect you to all be putting your fingers in your belly buttons now to compare. Now my belly button is 1/2 as deep! So I will keep you updated!

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