Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby I Week 17: Boogers, Back Aches and Busted Brain Cells

Week 17. So I haven't had to deal with pregnancy induced nasal conjestion, but I do have a ton of extra boogers, which is super annoying. I feel like I need a little nose vac to just breath normal. It's gross... and I feel like you guys need to know about it.

My joints hurt, and I haven't been able to read what exactly causes it. It's after I do some kind of work, like yesterday I was cleaning rabbit cages and breaking them down for storage, and after, I could barely move. My hip joints, knees, and back hurt so bad all I could do was go to bed. Eric is mean and laughed at me because I looked like a 90 year old woman, and couldn't make a single move without grunting. I've heard it's because of looser ligamentst that are more easily damaged and stretched right now.

So I think that I brought up that I'm super, super forgetful. See, I don't even remember. I read that it's scientifically proven that a women's brain cells shrink during pregnancy. Awesome right? Eric is getting used to being married to a woman with about the same brain capacity as a mushroom. I've done alot of fun stuff, like locking my keys and my dog in the car with the car running at 4:30AM. Classic huh? If I get any worse... I'm gonna need a helmet.

Still waiting to feel the baby to move. However what I do feel right at this moment is crazy shooting boob pain. Woo!

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