Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby I Week 15: Great Expectations

Week 15! For some reason I was excited about hitting this number, not sure why, it just sounded big. Eric is still unemployed so we have been working out a ton. We have been running or hiking every day. It’s been nice. I am definitely a lot slower than I was 15 weeks ago, but I can still survive jogging a few miles or a strenuous hike. I still have not gained any weight, and hopefully if I keep working out I will lose some of the weight I gained while on the fertility drugs, which was 15 pounds… so in theory, I should be able to only gain like 10 pounds over the whole pregnancy. I bet a bunch of you already moms are laughing at me now… hahahaha… anyhow, I’m loving getting out in the great outdoors. Hopefully we can go camping soon, I’d love to get some fishing in.

Uuum oh I went maternity swimsuit shopping. I am way cuter pregnant in a swimsuit than not… at least I feel cuter. Now I just need the sun to come out so I can go to the pool. Oh and I got a new belly ring, it’s flexible, since my belly is growing at all.

I should be able to feel the baby soon. Waiting anxiously.

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