Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby I Week 19: Let the Gains Begin, When Life Gives You Lemons

19 weeks means we are almost half way! So the scale finally moved! About a pound and a half up. Not bad... but it might have something to do with me having Super Pollo twice this week... so if it doesn't move much this next week (I'll be eating healthier to make up for my past transgressions) I won't be surprised.

So I've been eating lemons... I don't know why, they just seem really good to me right now. I've been eating a lot of fruit throughout this entire pregnancy, but now sour stuff is really what I'm wanting. I've never been into grapefruit and suddenly I'm craving it... and I'm not even sure I know what it tastes like, just the smell! Eric and I were shopping yesterday and I picked up grapefruit soap... Oh I wanted to eat it so bad! Eric stopped me though.

Oh so I was taught a big lesson this week: respect your guts, they rule your life whether you want to admit it or not. Last week I boasted that I was sliding through this pregnancy without succumbing to constipation like so many others before me. No joke, the next day it was like my body said "Oh yeah bitch, I'll show you who's boss!" Nothing for like 4 days... honestly, I was ready to start sacrificing cows to appease my angry (and VERY stubborn) intestines. So... lesson learned, I am my gut's bitch, I will not disrespect them!

We had an ultrasound with the new doctor, Dr. Keith, on Tuesday. Unfortunately, our modest little one managed to fashion himself a lovely little umbilical cord tunic, dramatically reducing our ability to get a peak at whether we would be welcoming a Lyla or Milo. However, the doctor thought he did see what looked very much like a penis poking from one side of his lovely umbilical cord creation. Honestly, the entire day before, Memorial Day, I had this growing feeling that it was a boy. For the first time he (and yes, we are just going to go with "he" right now) was really kicking like crazy... not fluttering... kicking like there was a footlong Chuck Norris going kung fu on my uterus. At lunch Eric poked my belly all hard, and with a vengeance baby round house kicked back. It was hysterical. Eric also admitted that at one point, the thought of it being a girl just disappeared and he couldn't imagine it not being a boy. Clearly, baby is practicing mind control. I think we are in for it.

So that's all... we will be getting another ultrasound soon... so hopefully there will be a more cooperative baby this time!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby I Week 18: A Poke Hello, Laxative Baby

Week 18! 22 weeks to go! Eric has just requested I slow it down... hahaha. Crazy week! I felt the baby! I was thinking every gas bubble might be baby saying hi... but when I felt more of a tapping and swish feeling, I knew that was something new! I was super active yesterday then I crashed, so I didn't feel him/her. I read it's pretty sporadic at first so I'm not too concerned.

So I deal with poop a lot in my daily life, since I work with babies and animals. So I'm open about poop so sorry if this is gross to you. So baby is not just gastric bypass baby, but laxative baby too! I lost 2 pounds, all into the toilet. Honestly, I don't think food has been lasting much longer than an hour in my system, it's crazy! I hear a lot about constipation, which I haven't had at all. I was accused of it by an angry Filipino nurse though. "Cori tell us more" So girls are used to seeing blood in the toilet, no shocker. Even during pregnancy some spotting is to be expected and is normal. But when I was around 8 weeks, too my horror, I found a small amount of blood... in my poop. I was freaking out, I thought my intestines were going to fall out, and I called the doctor. I got what I guess was a nurse practitioner who was completely insensitive and said in her broken English "You not bleed from your vagina, you are ok, you are constipated, drink water." The way she said vagina particularly pissed me off and I yelled back "I'm bleeding from my ASS, that is NOT normal and I am NOT constipated!" We went back and forth again and I hung up and googled the issue. Turns out I was fine... but this reminds me of another ass issue.

So I learned what hemorrhoids were. All I knew was that it had something to do with an itchy ass... and you didn't want them during jury duty (according to commercials). Well I guess pregnant women get them a lot? In case you are not Hemorrhoid-literate, like me, its when a vein in the rectum/anus bulges. Gross... they go hand and hand with the whole varicose veins which are also bulging veins... SUPER GROSS. I really hope that I don't get either of these... but if I do... I will let you know.

I feel I am a long way off from losing my belly button, but I've been checking its depth regularly and it's much shallower. For those of you who don't know, I have an unusually deep belly button. If I put my finger in it, it goes in to the first joint in my finger. I expect you to all be putting your fingers in your belly buttons now to compare. Now my belly button is 1/2 as deep! So I will keep you updated!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby I Week 17: Boogers, Back Aches and Busted Brain Cells

Week 17. So I haven't had to deal with pregnancy induced nasal conjestion, but I do have a ton of extra boogers, which is super annoying. I feel like I need a little nose vac to just breath normal. It's gross... and I feel like you guys need to know about it.

My joints hurt, and I haven't been able to read what exactly causes it. It's after I do some kind of work, like yesterday I was cleaning rabbit cages and breaking them down for storage, and after, I could barely move. My hip joints, knees, and back hurt so bad all I could do was go to bed. Eric is mean and laughed at me because I looked like a 90 year old woman, and couldn't make a single move without grunting. I've heard it's because of looser ligamentst that are more easily damaged and stretched right now.

So I think that I brought up that I'm super, super forgetful. See, I don't even remember. I read that it's scientifically proven that a women's brain cells shrink during pregnancy. Awesome right? Eric is getting used to being married to a woman with about the same brain capacity as a mushroom. I've done alot of fun stuff, like locking my keys and my dog in the car with the car running at 4:30AM. Classic huh? If I get any worse... I'm gonna need a helmet.

Still waiting to feel the baby to move. However what I do feel right at this moment is crazy shooting boob pain. Woo!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby I Week 16: Ultrasound Tirade, Gastric Bypass Baby

Week 16 finds me reasonably pissed off. My doctor won't give me an ultrasound until 24 weeks, when I am a whole 6 months pregnant. We want to know the sex to we can decorate and buy accordingly, so that means I will have just 3 short months to do all my purchasing, and I'll be in my 3rd trimester and I'm sure quite tired. I will not be seeing Dr. G. again, that's bullshit, NO ONE does that! I have an appointment to see my new doctor, Dr. Vogelpohl, on May 26th, and hopefully I can get an ultrasound right away!!!

So my toes are fat. They don't look that fat, but they are. Today I tried to put my toe rings back on (the kind that you have someone put on and are supposed to be permanent... yeah I got mine off... I had cut my toe so I had to) and they don't fit anymore. I've gotten them on and off before. I'm a little bummed. My wedding ring also barely fits, I only wear it if I'm going out now. It hurts.

Baby is like the size of an orange right now, and my uterus is supposed to be the size of a small melon. Apparently all this fruit is taking up tummy space because I can't eat a full meal! We went to Chili's last night and I had 1/2 of a chicken strip, 1/2 of my corn, and 1/2 of my mashed potatoes. Needless to say, I still have not gained any weight :)

Oh and I pee all the time...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby I Week 15: Great Expectations

Week 15! For some reason I was excited about hitting this number, not sure why, it just sounded big. Eric is still unemployed so we have been working out a ton. We have been running or hiking every day. It’s been nice. I am definitely a lot slower than I was 15 weeks ago, but I can still survive jogging a few miles or a strenuous hike. I still have not gained any weight, and hopefully if I keep working out I will lose some of the weight I gained while on the fertility drugs, which was 15 pounds… so in theory, I should be able to only gain like 10 pounds over the whole pregnancy. I bet a bunch of you already moms are laughing at me now… hahahaha… anyhow, I’m loving getting out in the great outdoors. Hopefully we can go camping soon, I’d love to get some fishing in.

Uuum oh I went maternity swimsuit shopping. I am way cuter pregnant in a swimsuit than not… at least I feel cuter. Now I just need the sun to come out so I can go to the pool. Oh and I got a new belly ring, it’s flexible, since my belly is growing at all.

I should be able to feel the baby soon. Waiting anxiously.