Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby I Week 11: Feel the Burn, Overall Uneventful

Week 11 is really more of the same... pretty dull. Less sick, but still sick. Tired. Fatter. It's awesome.

I am getting savage heartburn that lasts for days at a time. Not on and off... just straight. It's not super fun. I'm doing my best with eating, but I'm breaking rules. The only meat I can get in my body is in the form of deli meat, which I'm not supposed to have, but I don't care. Most people seem to have never even heard of this rule so I'll pretend I haven't either. I eat a lot of fruit, but am not into the smoothies anymore. Nothing I get into seems to last for long.

Well that's it, not really an exciting week... sorry guys, blame the baby.

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