Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby I Week 14: Flu, Fights, & Everyone Smells Homeless

Week 14 was craaaaazy. First I got the flu, the worst ever I think. I couldn't even keep a sip of water down. I lost 5 pounds in 1 day, totally intense. But it only lasted 24 hours, and good thing cause we were leaving for Colorado!

We went to Colorado because Eric's band, The Adorkables, were booked to play a show there. It was great, and I discovered a new pregnancy super power: crazy bitch mode. I haven't suffered from mood swings, I'm pretty chill and never take anything out on Eric, cause he's the best. But not Crazy Bitch Cori, she'll destroy everyone and anything in her path. The airport Starbucks they got my drink wrong and Eric wouldn't let me go back... I pretty much all but threw him out the airplane window, until the flight was delayed and I could go back and get a new drink. At the bar where the boys played, this chick kept trying to buy Eric shots and was toootally flirting with him. Eric is ridiculously innocent and oblivious, so he's thinking "nice she likes the band, cool!" Well if she liked the band she would be buying shots for the band, not be trying to drag my husband away from ME to take him to the bar. I told her several times to go buy a drink for the birthday boy we were all partying with and when she got even more aggressive, and I could seriously imagine myself smashing glass in her face, I dragged Eric out of the bar. I stood outside and ranted like a crazy guy in an alley and I'm very sure that had I gone back in the bar, she would have needed plastic surgery. I have NEVER been like that, but it was seriously like I was in momma bear mode and someone was trying to fuck with my little bear family. She knew we were married, she knew I was pregnant... Fuck that chick.

So we have already covered the fact that I can smell everything... mostly meat and cat litter. Not now. I can now tell you what you most likely ate last, if you smoke or if you chew. Crowded places are the worst right now because I can seriously smell everyone's breath, and god forbid you have ANY body oder at all... I'll know. We went to a brewery where there were a lot of "earthy" people... I almost fainted it smelled to bad in there. I'm sure, as usual, I'm driving Eric nuts with this super power too, because he has to seriously consider if that piece of meat is worth hearing me wail "OMG you smell like a dead animal" over and over and over. This new skill is very disgusting.

I'm pretty nauseous again. I was sick, but other than that I've been super sensitive to dairy, anything a little unheathly or fried, and oddly enough stuff like pasta and white bread... Fruit is pretty harmless... it's pretty much the only thing I can eat without feeling sick. Oh and I'm REALLY thirsty!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby I Week 13: "... wow wife, you look REALLY pregnant"

Nothing big this week... oh except me. Pretty clear that I'm expecting... but I get irritated if people don't say something about it. I was at a party this weekend and no one said a thing, I felt like screaming "ok so does everyone here just think I'm SUPER FAT???" I don't mean just someone passing me on the street saying "hey, you are pregnant, congrats" but if you are standing there talking to me for 1/2 hour, say something. I guess I must look fat. Damnit.

Other than that nothing super cool. I feel better so I'm eating more, that's nice.

Oh I got a crib! It's really nice, I'm picking it up tomorrow. It's cherry wood, and turns into a day bed. It was regularly $500 and I got it for $165. Woo!

Oh by the way, baby is the size of medium shrimp right now. I was going to cook shrimp for Eric this week... I think I'll hold off now though.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby I Week 12: Puking in Public with Style

Week 12! You know what that means! I'm supposed to be done puking! Or so they say. I don't throw up much, but when I do, I make it count! On Saturday I had to get up super early to go to a rabbit show in Daly City. I got up, chugged a bottle of cranberry juice like a health conscious frat boy, and headed north. I decided to stop at Longs to grab a couple things I'd need for the day. It wasn't long before I knew I was going to be very sick and I literally dropped my stuff and bolted to the bathroom. I didn't make it. I threw up all over the floor, and when I finally stopped, I continued to run for the bathroom. I didn't make it again. I managed to get to a water fountain, and infront of a terrified hispanic worker (I was throwing up all red liquid mind you) I puked again... and then finally made it to the bathroom.

So... don't use that water fountain... just a thought.

I haven't gained any weight, which is great... but my belly is getting very big and I really have no clue why. I shouldn't be very big yet... but I am. I even have a stretch mark! I know right! Gasp... but honestly... as long as I don't get varicose veins I'll be fine. My uterus is now popping out of my pelvic bone and heading north. Im sure it won't be long til baby is kicking me in the lungs hahaha, I just have this feeling that this will be a big baby.

I was told by my doctor that he doesn't think I can use a midwife at CHOMP, which is where I plan to have my baby... so I was pretty bummed about that, but I'm going to still ask. I'm going to (hopefully) change doctors from Gilbert to Vogelpohl soon, just because Gilbert only goes to SVMH... and I rather have my baby in a field than there. So hopefully Eric and I like my new Dr. We will see :)

We got to see the baby again this week, it is very active! It was swimming around all crazy, it was really neat. I can see why Tom Cruz bought an ultrasound, I could watch my baby all day. Everything looked good, looked like a tiny person! Oh except for the "skeleton dog" picture. Front view isn't so cute yet... see...

My skin is going nuts... which is driving me nuts. It's super try and itchy, but at the same time I'm breaking out... oh and not just on my face, I wish. My chest and shoulders too... I know, hott right? Thank God this all happens AFTER you are pregnant because if it happened before, you may never get pregnant in the first place! My hair is also super super super dry. It feels good right after a condition it, and by the end of the day it's like straw. Thanks baby.

Ultrasound pics <3

Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby I Week 11: Feel the Burn, Overall Uneventful

Week 11 is really more of the same... pretty dull. Less sick, but still sick. Tired. Fatter. It's awesome.

I am getting savage heartburn that lasts for days at a time. Not on and off... just straight. It's not super fun. I'm doing my best with eating, but I'm breaking rules. The only meat I can get in my body is in the form of deli meat, which I'm not supposed to have, but I don't care. Most people seem to have never even heard of this rule so I'll pretend I haven't either. I eat a lot of fruit, but am not into the smoothies anymore. Nothing I get into seems to last for long.

Well that's it, not really an exciting week... sorry guys, blame the baby.