Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby I Week 9: I'll Be in Dentures in No Time

I am almost a week late with this one… lame me. Anyhow, week 9 finds my less nauseous, which is awesome! I couldn’t be more thrilled… I’m now only miserable and sick at night, SCORE! Well… not really… being sick all night means a lot less scoring… boo.

I may not be nauseous, but eating is still no picnic! Apparently it is not uncommon for mothers-to-be to get Gingivitis thanks to hormones, weird right? Well, if far less intriguing when your gums are swollen, purple, and bleeding. Thank GOD it is only one side of my mouth, because I literally cannot even eat jello on that side. Only thing I can do about it is brush twice a day, floss more, and use mouth wash (which I don’t do, I hate mouth wash).

So bad teeth? Check. Blazing hot feet? Double check! Seriously, being pregnant is HYSTERICAL, it’s like my body is just flipping out. So now every night my feet get blazing hot and I have to sleep with them uncovered, sometimes with a fan on them. I looked it up online and I am not alone! It’s caused by dilated capillaries. Neat? I know Eric LOVES hearing me say "OMG my feet are SO hot!!!" a thousand times every night.

I may sound like I have a lot of complaints, but I am really thrilled with this whole process, every time something weird pops up, I love learning why it’s happening. I’ve been watching birthing shows daily and I just can’t wait for that to be me! This whole thing is SO fun and I feel so blessed to be going through it.

Also, we thought it would be fun to do all those little gender prediction tests. We did the wedding ring on a string over my belly thing… which I actually really believe in. Girl. I took a quiz on my symptoms. Girl. My shape, cravings, and even my hair all say girl… so we will see! We will be thrilled either way, but I think guessing is fun! Hmm Lyla or Milo, Lyla or Milo! Only baby and God know right now!

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