Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby I Week 7: Dabbling in Nausea, Crying in Public

Wow these weeks seem to be flying by. Week 7 finds me fatter and tireder. I’ve kept up my gym routine but I am definitely not as spunky as usual. If there is an easy, moderate, and hard way to do a move, I always do the hard. Not now, the step classes I could previously fly through have me dragging and praying for the end. Not to mention, my workout tops keep inching their way up my rounding belly. Very annoying.

I did in fact jinx my poor boobs last week. Not only are they dead set on escaping whatever restraints I put them in (I’m still avoiding buying new sports bras, though the girls protest from my old ones daily) but now even if they do get their way, they punish me with stabbing pains. I expected soreness, like PMS, but no, it’s stabbing dagger pains that go on and on… incase any of you were wondering what it’s like, or why I may randomly grip my chest and curse God… that’s why.

Nutrition is going just fine. It’s hard to pick something to eat because nothing sounds good except mac n cheese and smoothies. I did throw up breakfast yesterday, that was fun. I don’t really eat in the mornings so that might be why I’m not getting very sick, and I also haven’t been rolling out of bed until 10-11am.

In addition to stabbing boob pain my tummy has been chiming in with stabbing pains of its own. If I cough or laugh I’ll get stabbing lower abdominal pains. I read that this is the ligaments around my uterus stretching. Sweet...

Sleeping sucks. My tummy is very small still, but feels bloated and doesn’t squish in like normal. So sleeping on my tummy is very uncomfortable, which is where I like to sleep… and it only gets worse from here! Oh and I sniff dishes now before I use them, which is weird, but I swear I can smell if they are clean.

Overall I’m good though… can’t complain about any moodiness, however, I did cry hysterically at a restaurant when I saw Eric was a donor on his ID. I told him he had to change it right away because I don’t want them to take his eyes. It still upsets me a little...

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