Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby I Week 13: "... wow wife, you look REALLY pregnant"

Nothing big this week... oh except me. Pretty clear that I'm expecting... but I get irritated if people don't say something about it. I was at a party this weekend and no one said a thing, I felt like screaming "ok so does everyone here just think I'm SUPER FAT???" I don't mean just someone passing me on the street saying "hey, you are pregnant, congrats" but if you are standing there talking to me for 1/2 hour, say something. I guess I must look fat. Damnit.

Other than that nothing super cool. I feel better so I'm eating more, that's nice.

Oh I got a crib! It's really nice, I'm picking it up tomorrow. It's cherry wood, and turns into a day bed. It was regularly $500 and I got it for $165. Woo!

Oh by the way, baby is the size of medium shrimp right now. I was going to cook shrimp for Eric this week... I think I'll hold off now though.

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