Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby I Week 10: I Still Hate Food, Dead Baby Scare

Week 10... I'm in the double digits! Wooo! So I still hate food but at least I only feel really sick at night. Honestly, I think I could live only off of popsicles... one day this week while working in the garden, I managed to burn though a box of them! It's almost 9pm and I am seriously considering driving out to go buy more. Love 'em. I' being careful to get all natural ones made with a lot of fruit in 'em.

So I haven't worked out at all this week. Granted, I've spent almost every day in the yard moving small rocks into buckets, shoveling dirt, and raking leaves. Also, since I'm not eating a ton, I'm kinda afraid to burn too many calories.

I had my first public bump touch this week! Actually, first person to touch my growing tummy I think? Congrats Heather! But if I didn't know her, I'd be irritated by it... do random strangers really do that?

I promised to share everything, and if you don't want to hear it, blame Kristen. I feel obligated to share all the gory details for her sake. I would hate for her to get pregnant and to say "Cori, you didn't tell me about THAT!" So, Thursday morning my husband surprised me with some very early morning marital activities (sweet!), around 6am. I got up around 8am with blood all over my blanket and I hurt, like post pap hurt. Needless to say, I was a hysterical crying wreck thinking I was going to find a little dead baby in the mess. Finding nothing, I ran to the computer for answers, what I found was horrifying. Page after page of women saying that they miscarried after sex and even though their doctors say they would have miscarried any way, they have all sworn off sex for the duration of their current pregnancies. Great! I did find lots of people saying spotting and a little blood is normal, thanks to an increase of blood in the cervix making the little vessels easily burstable. Gross, but better than a dead baby. By the next day there was no blood... but my wussy cervix can't handle much right now, this baby better be spectacular because I don't put my sex life on hold for much... wow make that anything. Congrats baby, you're a first. Appreciate it.

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