Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby I Week 10: I Still Hate Food, Dead Baby Scare

Week 10... I'm in the double digits! Wooo! So I still hate food but at least I only feel really sick at night. Honestly, I think I could live only off of popsicles... one day this week while working in the garden, I managed to burn though a box of them! It's almost 9pm and I am seriously considering driving out to go buy more. Love 'em. I' being careful to get all natural ones made with a lot of fruit in 'em.

So I haven't worked out at all this week. Granted, I've spent almost every day in the yard moving small rocks into buckets, shoveling dirt, and raking leaves. Also, since I'm not eating a ton, I'm kinda afraid to burn too many calories.

I had my first public bump touch this week! Actually, first person to touch my growing tummy I think? Congrats Heather! But if I didn't know her, I'd be irritated by it... do random strangers really do that?

I promised to share everything, and if you don't want to hear it, blame Kristen. I feel obligated to share all the gory details for her sake. I would hate for her to get pregnant and to say "Cori, you didn't tell me about THAT!" So, Thursday morning my husband surprised me with some very early morning marital activities (sweet!), around 6am. I got up around 8am with blood all over my blanket and I hurt, like post pap hurt. Needless to say, I was a hysterical crying wreck thinking I was going to find a little dead baby in the mess. Finding nothing, I ran to the computer for answers, what I found was horrifying. Page after page of women saying that they miscarried after sex and even though their doctors say they would have miscarried any way, they have all sworn off sex for the duration of their current pregnancies. Great! I did find lots of people saying spotting and a little blood is normal, thanks to an increase of blood in the cervix making the little vessels easily burstable. Gross, but better than a dead baby. By the next day there was no blood... but my wussy cervix can't handle much right now, this baby better be spectacular because I don't put my sex life on hold for much... wow make that anything. Congrats baby, you're a first. Appreciate it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby I Week 9: I'll Be in Dentures in No Time

I am almost a week late with this one… lame me. Anyhow, week 9 finds my less nauseous, which is awesome! I couldn’t be more thrilled… I’m now only miserable and sick at night, SCORE! Well… not really… being sick all night means a lot less scoring… boo.

I may not be nauseous, but eating is still no picnic! Apparently it is not uncommon for mothers-to-be to get Gingivitis thanks to hormones, weird right? Well, if far less intriguing when your gums are swollen, purple, and bleeding. Thank GOD it is only one side of my mouth, because I literally cannot even eat jello on that side. Only thing I can do about it is brush twice a day, floss more, and use mouth wash (which I don’t do, I hate mouth wash).

So bad teeth? Check. Blazing hot feet? Double check! Seriously, being pregnant is HYSTERICAL, it’s like my body is just flipping out. So now every night my feet get blazing hot and I have to sleep with them uncovered, sometimes with a fan on them. I looked it up online and I am not alone! It’s caused by dilated capillaries. Neat? I know Eric LOVES hearing me say "OMG my feet are SO hot!!!" a thousand times every night.

I may sound like I have a lot of complaints, but I am really thrilled with this whole process, every time something weird pops up, I love learning why it’s happening. I’ve been watching birthing shows daily and I just can’t wait for that to be me! This whole thing is SO fun and I feel so blessed to be going through it.

Also, we thought it would be fun to do all those little gender prediction tests. We did the wedding ring on a string over my belly thing… which I actually really believe in. Girl. I took a quiz on my symptoms. Girl. My shape, cravings, and even my hair all say girl… so we will see! We will be thrilled either way, but I think guessing is fun! Hmm Lyla or Milo, Lyla or Milo! Only baby and God know right now!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby I Week 8: Baby Induced Anorexia

So we saw and heard our little one’s heartbeat this morning! This was the first ultrasound, and because my uterus is still behind my pelvic bone, it was an internal one to get a good reading. I warned Eric ahead of time to not become concerned if the technician pulls out something that looks like a big sex toy and puts condom on it… I’m sure he appreciated the heads up! At first the technician thought she saw two heartbeats, but then could only find one. The baby was in an odd, hard to see location so getting a good shot of the heartbeat took some time. We also heard the heartbeat, it’s beating at a healthy 164 BPM Because it was hard for them to see the baby, Eric is not fully convinced that there isn’t another one hiding in there… but I don’t think that my uterus is the best hide and seek location, no beds to hide under or closets to hide in. There is, however, a big mess of partially formed placenta all over the place. Reminded me of laundry draped all over… baby needs to clean up its womb!

I did get reprimanded for losing weight the last few weeks. I am seriously struggling to choke down more than 1500 calories a day. I am not throwing up much, once in a while here and there, but eating is SO HARD. Everything is unappealing. I go to the grocery store almost every night to try to find something that appeals to me. I usually come home with fruit, maybe soy ice cream… I came home with a melon and ginger snaps last night… all gross to me when it came to eating them. I’m going to try to get more nutrients in smoothies, Cold Stone has some good meal replacement ones. The way I see it, I may be only eating 1500 cal a day but I think compared to the average woman not really educated in nutritious foods, I am probably eating more usable, nutritious calories. Maybe I’m just justifying…

I really avoided sodium this week, because I have been so bloated. Even though I lost weight, am working out, both cardio and strength training 4 days a week, I absolutely cannot fit in my jeans. Baby and uterus are still hidden behind my pelvic bone, so my round tummy is all bloat… baby sure will have a roomy penthouse to move into as it heads upward!

I’ve been a good little prego girl and have been reading my What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s neat to learn why my body is doing what it’s doing. I really didn’t get why I am peeing all the time because the baby is very small, and should not be putting pressure on my bladder. Answer: my kidneys are working overtime to clear toxins from my body. Sweet…

Anyhow, I’m pretty confused about the size of my very very little one right now. The tech today said it’s the size of a grain of rice. Ok… I can accept that… but then a bunch of other online baby websites say it should be an inch now, or the size of a grape, OR the size of a cherry! No one can seem to get their story straight!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby I Week 7: Dabbling in Nausea, Crying in Public

Wow these weeks seem to be flying by. Week 7 finds me fatter and tireder. I’ve kept up my gym routine but I am definitely not as spunky as usual. If there is an easy, moderate, and hard way to do a move, I always do the hard. Not now, the step classes I could previously fly through have me dragging and praying for the end. Not to mention, my workout tops keep inching their way up my rounding belly. Very annoying.

I did in fact jinx my poor boobs last week. Not only are they dead set on escaping whatever restraints I put them in (I’m still avoiding buying new sports bras, though the girls protest from my old ones daily) but now even if they do get their way, they punish me with stabbing pains. I expected soreness, like PMS, but no, it’s stabbing dagger pains that go on and on… incase any of you were wondering what it’s like, or why I may randomly grip my chest and curse God… that’s why.

Nutrition is going just fine. It’s hard to pick something to eat because nothing sounds good except mac n cheese and smoothies. I did throw up breakfast yesterday, that was fun. I don’t really eat in the mornings so that might be why I’m not getting very sick, and I also haven’t been rolling out of bed until 10-11am.

In addition to stabbing boob pain my tummy has been chiming in with stabbing pains of its own. If I cough or laugh I’ll get stabbing lower abdominal pains. I read that this is the ligaments around my uterus stretching. Sweet...

Sleeping sucks. My tummy is very small still, but feels bloated and doesn’t squish in like normal. So sleeping on my tummy is very uncomfortable, which is where I like to sleep… and it only gets worse from here! Oh and I sniff dishes now before I use them, which is weird, but I swear I can smell if they are clean.

Overall I’m good though… can’t complain about any moodiness, however, I did cry hysterically at a restaurant when I saw Eric was a donor on his ID. I told him he had to change it right away because I don’t want them to take his eyes. It still upsets me a little...