Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby I Week 27: Might Not Live to See Week 28, Sorry Guys

27 weeks, which is big! I'm officially in my third trimester (WOO!) and this also marks the beginning of my 7th month, 7th! I feel pretty accomplished, but this pregnancy thing is mostly just a waiting game, it really hasn't been that bad... I could do this 3-5 more times... no biggy. I'm now up to 12 pounds gained.

So I have this fun thing that keeps happening, where there's fluid in the my throat and I can't breath. I woke up last night literally drowning, scared the hell outa me. I made Eric get out of bed with me so I could walk around and stuff. I had had a good sized dinner, I rarely eat a full meal, and I had salad, rice, beans, and 1/4 of a tamale, more than what I would usually eat. When I woke up, the fluid wasn't acidic, but it felt like it was coming from my stomach. I decided to go try to throw up, so more wouldn't try to come drown me in my sleep. I went back to bed with lots pillows propping me up.

I looked up what this was and although it didn't burn, it sounds a lot like severe acid reflux. It can happen in pregnancy, and I do have very severe heartburn, so I'm not so surprised. But with the acid reflux, since the baby is pushing on my stomach, the acid can come up in my sleep and then be aspirated into my lungs. Nice right! So I'm gonna die drowning in my stomach juice... awesome.

The official third tri belly:

I'll probably live though... so check back next weeks blog.

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