Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby I Week 5: Twin Watch 2009

So my first Dr. appt. First things first, what's wrong with Dr. Math. Here it is. Docs still adhere to the theories made by Docs long, long ago before they understood women's cycles. Back then, a woman had a period, and 9 months later, there was a baby... like magic. I'm sure around this time they were also blood letting too. Well, instead of updating... we just go with it. So... I'm gonna too. I'll be using "their" embryo updates because the symptoms for mom are on, but I think the embryo one's are a little off.... and we all care more about whats going with me right? Right. So... as of today I'm 5 weeks. I am due October 23rd. Eric has requested I hold out til Halloween.

So because I had PCOS, I took fertility drugs to jump start this miracle of life thing, so I have a 1 in 20 chance of having twins. I really want twins, Eric wants to start out in the kiddy pool with just one. I'll be thrilled either way, but I'd love twins. We find out March 12 if I'm carrying multiples.

Other good news, with diet and excersize I lowered my blood pressure from 155/107 to 126/85 in 2 mo. My goal is to be down to 115/65... but my Dr. said my blood pressure will also go down with the pregnancy. I'll be keeping up my 4-5X weekly workouts until I'm too big to... so lets hope this works.

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