Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby I Week 6: Best Diet Ever, Pregnancy Super Powers

So week 6 has started, this is when I should be glued to the toilet puking, and so far no puking, but I did spend last week glued to the toilet. Apparently baby doesn't enjoy dairy as much as I do and has now made me lactose intolerant. It took me a week to figure it out. So yesterday I was dairy free and I feel a lot better today, but I sure missed my yogurt today. I hear that Activia is ok? So I'm going to try that. I'm trying to find more sources of protein that sound good to me.

I am barely eating, not because I'm SO nauseous, but I just have no appetite at all. So this is basically the best diet ever, my face is getting thinner, my legs, my arms... but my tummy continues to grow, which I'm fine with. I know I need to eat more, but not getting hungry ever is kinda neat. Oh and junk food sounds totally nauseating to me. Smoothies are my favorite thing right now, I would pay... oh... $25 for Stawberry Nirvana right now. Anyone feel like going to Jamba Juice for me?

My pregnancy super powers, for far? Just super sense of smell, oh and the intolerance of lactose. Ooohh I bet my bloated belly would be a good flotation device, add that to the list. But yeah when you hear someone say “I could smell everything” they lied. You can smell everything you don’t want to smell. I can detect cat poop or raw meat from miles away, but it’s not like I walk outside and am like “oh the flowers, their smell is so much more intense.” The reason your sense of smell is intensified is because it’s so important to stay away from spoiled food and things you shouldn’t eat. Thank God, because I’m sure I would have accidentally eaten cat shit.

Other body changes? Tummy growth, I'm considering getting stretchy jeans because I hang out with these ones unbuttoned all the time. My boobs really don’t hurt like I hear they are supposed to? Maybe I just jinxed them.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby I Week 5: Twin Watch 2009

So my first Dr. appt. First things first, what's wrong with Dr. Math. Here it is. Docs still adhere to the theories made by Docs long, long ago before they understood women's cycles. Back then, a woman had a period, and 9 months later, there was a baby... like magic. I'm sure around this time they were also blood letting too. Well, instead of updating... we just go with it. So... I'm gonna too. I'll be using "their" embryo updates because the symptoms for mom are on, but I think the embryo one's are a little off.... and we all care more about whats going with me right? Right. So... as of today I'm 5 weeks. I am due October 23rd. Eric has requested I hold out til Halloween.

So because I had PCOS, I took fertility drugs to jump start this miracle of life thing, so I have a 1 in 20 chance of having twins. I really want twins, Eric wants to start out in the kiddy pool with just one. I'll be thrilled either way, but I'd love twins. We find out March 12 if I'm carrying multiples.

Other good news, with diet and excersize I lowered my blood pressure from 155/107 to 126/85 in 2 mo. My goal is to be down to 115/65... but my Dr. said my blood pressure will also go down with the pregnancy. I'll be keeping up my 4-5X weekly workouts until I'm too big to... so lets hope this works.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby I Week 4: Doctors Suck at Math

So I guess I'm 4 weeks pregnant? But baby is 2 weeks old? I was guessing we conceived on the 14th day of my cycle and I was counting 40 weeks from that point to figure out our baby's ETA. Apparently that's not how it's done. Doctors count from the 1st day of your last cycle, which I think is lame because we all know that it's impossible that that was the actual fetus launch date. Whatever. Good news is that my progress has been pushed up 2 weeks! I feel like I just time traveled. So I am 4 weeks! But my little fetus is only like 2 1/2 weeks old. So, I'll be posting it's progress starting there. Current moms, if I have this wrong I would love the help!

Now I know a lot of women DON'T tell a lot of people they are pregnant in their first trimester, because that's when there is the greatest chance of a losing the pregnancy. I can't help myself though, so I'm going to be sharing. Should something go wrong, I will be sharing that as well. It's official, we're in this together.