Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Health Nuttin' It Up

In the Doc's office I always make a leap across the waiting room for Conceive Magazine. I devour all the knowledge I can before my name is called and sure enough I always find something in there that freaks me out, whether it be that I only have a 15% chance of conceiving each month or that drinking coffee will cause miscarriages... stuff like that. My Dr. is too laid back, I think, and doesn't seem to be into the whole "better to be safe than sorry" think. Well, I am. So I decided to go all organic, and eliminiate caffeine and artificial sweeteners from my diet. Also, for health benefits alone, I eliminated milk and most frozen dinner type products from the grocery list. I'm baking my own bread too, and buying my eggs fresh from a friend... just to throw a little Amish flavor into the mix.

I have been a hardcore resister of the organic lifestyle. In my head, tree hugging wannabe yuppy ass is in paranthesis next to the word organic. I also never shop at such places as Whole Foods or Trader Joes, opting for Grocery Outlet and Costco. So honestly, this whole change has been like a religeous conversion. It's like everything is different now. I have a new vocabulary, I talk to different people, I have a whole new set of values. On a less emotional plane, this whole change didn't do a number on our budget either! I want to talk about this new lifestyle, I am really excited about making a healthier me, not just for me, but hopefully for the little person that I pray I'll have the opprotunity to create (with some help from Eric, of course).

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