Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Husband's Band is Signed! Label's Annoucement!

I'm so proud of my husband! I knew his creation would make it!

From Insubordination Record's myspace:

The Adorkables to release new album on Insubordination

Out of left field, the Adorkables have recorded (c/o the Blasting Room) an amazing 12 song album, entitled, ...She Loves Me Not. The band has really leapt forward since their last release to create a record that is surely going to make a lasting impression on both the vapid Ramones loving sect and the cry baby geek-pop faction.

First impressions: The Adorkables draw on some of the same nonsensical themes as the Ramones (Brain Drain era) but also inject some really fun pop tunes into the mix. While Eric's vocals share some of the same vibrato characteristics as Kody from the Lillington's, the similarities really end there. I know what you are thinking, but trust me, while some Lillington's fans may burn down the house after the first listen, the songs on this album take on a completely different character as the album progresses. The album is terrifically poppy: standout songs such as Brokenhearted, Christina Ricci, and Hope Your Happy are particularly well produced in such a way that the band's enthusiasm shines through. After the first five listens, I found that ...She Love Me Not is an album that fans of the genre will rank at the top of their play list (erm CD player).

We are all super-excited to welcome this band to Insubordination. Expect the album to drop sometime in early '09. Check out a song sample from ...She Loves Me Not titled, Hope You're Happy in our media section.

-- Chris Imperfekt

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