Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm out. Drool on the couch, drink spilled on the floor, clothes still on and arms flung over face kind of out. The sun parades through the room like a marching band and my head is still on a scary out of control merry-go-round. I've had way... way too much.

I'm a junkie. I am totally addicted to politics right now. If you see me at the coffee shop with my hair dirty and my shirt on backwards, I probably just got off an 8 hr binge. It's scary, it's affecting my marriage but as long as I don't do it infront of Eric I'm ok. I am consuming more political blogs, diavlogs, videos, and articles than I think the average human consumes in 10 years. There's a lot to know... a TON to know... you might not care, but I do.

There's Palin's AIP history and Obama's voting record and McCain's tax policy and the lies... but the lies that don't really matter because people who KNOW politics accept them as constances but the American public gets all up in arms because they get distrancted by shiny objects and their own tails and then the smart people laugh at them... AND I want to be one of the smart people laughing! And I'm laughing a little already... but as soon as I get a good giggle going... I have more questions... "is Palin gonna make us Alaska's bitch?" ... "will Obama make us the WORLD's bitch?" ... "are the Democrats gonna be giddy school girls with mom's credit card? and we're mom?" ... "will the Republicans ever act like Republicans again or is this permanent?" ... "what change can happen and what can't" ... "does McCain have any ACTUAL plans or just character?"

Honestly... there's a lot of sillyness out there... but there's a lot of awesome information too. Unfortunately, it takes more work than what most voters are willing to put it. If you are already decided on who you are going to vote for, I'm pretty sure you haven't asked enough questions. Anyhow... I'd like to say more, but this is cutting into my addiction... oh and if anyone wants to talk politics hit me up, Eric is sick of me...but only if you want to talk policies and such, if you talk about Islam, teen pregancy, insulting Chelsea, arugula, gay rights or Roe vs Wade... I'll punch you in the face.

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