Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Thing Aloha Means Goodbye Too

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?

I live life pretty prepared for a lemon or two. I always have sugar and a glass, ready to give 'em a positive spin, after all lemons aren't the worst thing you can get, and if you are chill over life, you'll find they lose their bite. Turns out, the same doesn't apply for grenades, they just fuck things up… and sometimes that's what you get… something really fucked up that no amount of sugar will fix.

Come Monday I should be submitting the final version of my business plan for my future tanning salon, Aloha Hawaii. I have already made two submissions… this should be the final one, and it's already on the late side. The bulk of it is complete, what I'm working on it is the design aspect: logos, sketches of the interior, color swatches, brochure designs. The whole plan is being put together like a vacation scrapbook… to go with the vacation/resort feel of the salon. We are down to polish and presentation, I would hate to have to be working on reformatting any of the content right now… (menacing foreshadow).

A portion of the plan is an assessment of the local competition. I've included photos and profiles of salons within a 15 minute radius of the proposed location of my salon. I got news last week that a new salon opened in Marina, so today I headed over. With camera and note pad ready, I pulled into the drive, looking for the tie down canvas sign indicating a grand new opening… and there, flapping innocently in the wind, hung "Aloha Tanning."

I actually yelled "FUUUCK!!!" Some guy looked at me.

So the precious time I have left to bind and polish is going to be used brainstorming. Logos, clever weaving of "Aloha" into the presentation, my beloved acronym of "Aloha" all fucked. We are working with Hawaiian names because it's important to the design of the concept. We are currently batting around something involving Ko 'Olina, a town on the island of Oahu. We are going there soon and I really like the name and sound. Eric like's Ko 'Olina Tanning Company… I'm also attracted to Kona Cove, but I want something more smooth… you know???

Anyhow… suggestions??????

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