Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fantasy Baseball

My cell rang late last Monday night: "For closure on San Angelo, 1700 sf, only $495,000. Here is the number, I know it's late but maybe it's the realtor's cell and he can get you in tomorrow, it's technically not even on the market yet. Jump on it."

This is how Eric and I are house shopping, a full out ninja blitz on the market. I have Salinas set up like a battlefield grid, and I carefully map when potentials in our target areas (Maple Park of course, Woodside, Spreckles, and River Rd) pop up. I'm honestly surprised how good we are at this... we've already scoped some killer deals that I really think most 1st time home buyers would miss, but I think our main advantage isn't just our smarts, but our attitude. The best warriors are the one with the fasted hand and calmest head... like Chuck Norris.

A lot of people are so stressed and rushed when buying a house, they make countless mistakes in the chaos! Partially for myself, partially from my slightly skittish husband, I came up with the concept of this being like fantasy baseball or Ender's Game. Even though Eric and I are totally stoked, the whole meeting with mortgage brokers and putting up with pushy realtors can be intimidating. But we started to go through house print outs like playing cards, and push our assets around like monopoly money, and the whole experience has become so fun! My husband and I cruise the Salinas, critiquing and comparing, and having the best time! Our mortgage broker even picked up on our relaxed attitude and complimented us, as well as on our preparedness and astute eye on the market (seriously, call me the Chuck Norris of real estate).

We are taking our time in this, but everything has really been falling together. I'm not sure what we'll find... but just like finding each other, I'm sure it'll be the easiest, most obvious decision ever!

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