Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Review of Eric's First Record!!!

When it comes to Eric's band, I honestly see myself as fan first, singer's wife second. I've thought he was an amazing tallent since the first time I saw The Adorkables in October of 2005. By October of 2006, still positive he would be a success, I asked him not to forget me when he hit it big... never thinking just a year later I would be in his life for good. I really believe in these boys and it is SO exciting to see other people... people that actually matter... do too!!! Here is the first review of The Adorkables' first record, "In The After Hours." Enjoy!!!

The Adorkables
In The After Hours 7"
(Devil's Hand Records)


I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the up-and-coming bands that Jimmy Reject so fervently touted in his last years. The Adorkables were one such band. Jimmy sensed their promise from the first demo, and surely now he's looking down with great satisfaction as that promise is fulfilled. He's probably holding court with Stiv Bators and Darby Crash at this very moment, subjecting them to 101 reasons why they should open their minds and give The Adorkables a chance. I bet you he's already got G.G. Allin on board.

In what has been the best year for the genre in over a decade, The Adorkables' "Dance Class" just might be my favorite pop-punk song of 2007. And now we get a completely horror-themed EP from The Adorkables. It's a dandy! The first thing I noticed about this EP was that the opening guitar lines reminded me of the Parasites. It's hard to go wrong starting off like that - and the rest of In The After Hours does not disappoint. The Adorkables play pop-punk that leans hard to the pop side of the equation. The emphasis on melodies, harmonies, and production sets these guys apart from the purely formulaic practitioners of the pop-punk style. Perhaps because of Eric Gentry's vocal tone, Lillingtons comparisons will be unavoidable. There are other similarities too, like the catchy guitar leads and the pleasing contrast between upbeat melodies and sinister subject matter. And being that this is a horror-themed record, you had to know there would be some slight Danzig inflections in Gentry's delivery. Nothing wrong with that, and it all works like a charm for The Adorkables. The band's not trying to reinvent the wheel here - these are fun, Ramonesy pop-punk songs about zombies, mind control, and mannequins come to life. Yet The Adorkables bring in enough of their own style and personality to keep things sounding fresh. It's probably been said before, but In The After Hours is the perfect Halloween record. Buy it and ghoul out!

The Adorkables are recording an album this month at the famous Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado. The working title is ...She Loves Me Not, which suggests that the group will be going back to songs about girls. And as much as I enjoy a good horror tune from time to time, love songs are way more up my alley. If The Adorkables have got a few more songs as good as "Dance Class", then ...She Loves Me Not will definitely be one of my most-highly anticipated releases of next year!

Lord Rutledge
October 4, 2007

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