Monday, September 17, 2007

Right This Moment

I am...

Drinking black tea... it is different from what I am used to, and I am not sure I really appreciate the foriegn taste and smell.

Working another long day... I hate double shifts but I need the money, especially if I'm to have the rest of this debt paid by the end of this month.

Praying for a call... one that will let Eric and I know if we got the condo on Stone Street. We need a home.

Twitching my leg... the way I do when I have had a steady flow of caffiene to my blood stream since sunrise.

Listening to Taylor Swift... hearting her to death. Remembering what it was like to have a savage crush on a man I thought I would never be cool or pretty enough for.

Planning for Bob... mentally organizing all of the places we are going to eat, starting with an In-N-Out beef fest and ending with us passed out in the gutter with funnel cake on our breath.

Admiring my ring... loving how it sparkles as I type, a beautiful reminder of a promise. Thinking of how Eric just noticed the patterns on the side mean eternity, and how sweet it was that he pointed it out.

Basking in the glow of an almost-accomplishment... my barn remodel will be done today and I am so proud of all my hard work, and that I did it all by myself.

Making image decisions... should I go get my nails done today and mystic tan so I have that extra polished look for the cocktail party? I'm unsure...

Searching for clever names... I have five new show bunnies that are in need of names, after thirteen years of naming show bunnies I'm starting to run dry.

Resisting an urge... I want to use one of my baby name choices just so I can say it out loud every day.

Wondering about a client... how she out of the blue started asking me questions about the Bible and God, how did she know I'd have the answers she couldn't get from her pastor? She doesn't know what I believe... weird.

Counting my blessings... today is just another beautiful day to appreciate the wonderful life I've been given.

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