Monday, September 3, 2007

The Bribe

Eric will be so moved by me doing an awesome survey about him that he will immediately get off the computer and bring me a chicken bacon ranch from Subway.

He is: at his apartment... on myspace... not bringing me food yet.

He likes: it when I feed him, give him kisses, and cry... for som sick and twisted reason... he likes making me cry.

He loves: his roomba... fucking roomba... thank god he CAN'T fuck it otherwise I'd be totally obsolite. Oh wait... I do the dishes and it can't reach... haha take that robo-bitch!

He hates: it when I put my finger in his ear.

He wears: cool stuff. Nothing that says "rape me, I'm a gay man." So basically not preppy or emo.

He eats: what I cook him.

He drinks: beer almost every night, and doesn't gain weight... not fair.

He drives: a cute red mustang and I'm excited to be getting joint custody of.

He works: but doesn't like to.

He runs: if he is on fire and for no other reason.

He thinks: it is funny that I am terrified by anything that moves that shouldn't... like toys, Halloween decorations, and his roomba. I started crying in Michaels because of a talking Halloween head... no joke.

He owns: my heart, my body, my entire future.

Ok that's all... bring me food... and kisses... now.

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