Friday, August 10, 2007

What Cori and Jen Learned Last Night

Asian men love Cori.

Creepy men named Jeffery will literally chase Jen no matter how much we blatenly ignore, run, or hide!

There is almost nowhere to eat within stumbling distance of alvarado at 1am on a Thursday.

In addition to Asian men, lesbians also love Cori.

Tokyo Tea seriously affect's one's ability to talk... or text... or function.

Cats are not allowd in Denny's. Even if you try 3 times with the cat under your shirt... the staff is clever.

Doc's always sucks... and never deserves a second chance!

There are A LOT of fat ugly chicks in Monterey.

There are A LOT of creepy short guys in Monterey.

We really hope these groups don't interbreed.

Toilet seat covers make awesome post-dancing face blotters.

If you are dancing WHILE drinking all calories are cancelled out. It's a law of science. Like gravity.

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