Monday, August 6, 2007

Cori the Grown-up

So for me, today is one of those defining days, one of those days that makes you feel keenly aware of the responsibilities attatched with being a grown-up, one of those days where the full weight of the important decisions in life makes itself known, one of those days that is both exciting anf terrifying all at once.

As most of you know, Eric and I are taking the first baby steps towards opening a tanning salon. I've been mentally playing around with just the fun stuff, what kind of beds will I have, what kind of services will be offered, what will I call it. Well today I have to do something real, something concrete. Today I'm meeting with Ryan Bloom, the project supervisor for the East Garrison town center that is being put in Fort Ord. This is where we are hoping to open. If any of you have seen the drawings for what is planned to go in, you know it's gonna be a hot shit location for new businesses. Tons of housing developments are going up, there will be an amphitheater (in addition to attacting bigger acts, they are hoping it will be a venue for local bands too! fuck yeah!), restaurants, a shuttle that goes to and from csumb... can you say target demographic!

I am totally excited about today, but pretty much scared shitless too. I drew up a rough floor plan, figured out what kind of square footage I will need, etc... and it looks good, but at the same I have a nagging lack of self confidence that comes with doing something you've absolutely never done. not to mention, I am only twenty two, so there is that little fear of not being taken seriously, or saying something stupid out of ignorance.

I've done my homework, I really have, and I plan to try to be as confidant as I can, while staying totally humble and open to learn. so with my plans in my trembling little hand, I'm off to go see the wizard... to ask for a chance.

Below are some pictures of what the East Garrison town center, including the arts district, residential plan, and commercial area, should look like, as well as the floor plan I've put together for Aloha Hawai'i Tanning Salon (also liking Aloha Gold Tanning Salon... I dont know, that's not sooo important right now).

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