Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Worst Case Scenario, My Parents Find the Pictures

What's the worst thing you've ever done? Ever indulge in something a little taboo? Maybe a little girl on girl action? Play with serious drugs? Take part in a threesome, or sex in a very public place? Most everyone has something they've tried, looking over their shoulder, partially fearing being caught & partially getting off on that fear. Maybe your taboo is far tamer than these, but you have something. When weighing the should I/shouldn't I's, you have to factor in the worst case scenario. If it's something you are willing to deal with, you plow forward.

My taboo experience: Modeling (kinda) nude.

My worst case scenario: Eric's very Christian, 73 year old parents find the pictures.

About 7 months ago (before Eric & I were together) I decided my greatest ambition was to be a Suicide Girl. I knew I was pretty enough, & didn't have a problem showing some skin in front of the camera, so I went for it. A relative that was an amateur photographer took the pictures & it was a lot of fun. I didn't show too much, only enough to apply to be an SG. I was proud of myself for having the guts to do it, I was happy with how my body looked, & I think that was all I wanted to prove to myself. I tucked the pictures deep into my hard drive, showing only a couple to Eric, & warning him to not go looking for the rest. Of course he tried anyway.

Later I decided I had no need for the photos, so I was going to delete them. Eric argued against it, I'm sure hoping I would give him access to the file. Although the pictures really don't actually show much more than what a very small bikini may reveal, he's excited by whatever he can get from his future wife--think a little boy trying to carefully open corners of his christmas presents. I playfully responded with a "What if someone saw them though?" thinking of a close call when Eric's dad plugged in my memory stick on which the photos had resided until only the day before. Eric laughed, "Yeah worst case scenario, my parents find the pictures." This being highly unlikely as Eric couldn't even find them, I rested easy.

Well it turns out, when it comes to computers, Eric's dad, Leonard, is a ninja. I left my laptop at Eric's house & Leonard decided to explore, Eric's mother commenting on what a doll I was as a child. Then somehow, with wife & son looking on, Leonard located my hidden file. Here begins the most awkward minute of Eric's life. His mother, who was looking from above so the photos were actually upside down, sweetly asked "What exactly am I looking at, I can't tell." Leonard replied, "Perhaps that's best," but doesn't close it! He scrolls all the way down!

I'm officially mortified, but amused by the irony. The pictures are now deleted. I can never face my future in-laws again. Operation "Worst Case Scenario" is complete.

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