Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Whatever you do, if you are afraid to admit you are doing it, you shouldn't be doing it. I live by this idea & it really works for me, I live sans shame or fear of being "found out," but not everyone subscribes to this way of life.

There's this weight-loss trend going around. Many women in the area are paying a doctor in Monterey $97-$148 a week in order to be given legalized speed & vitamin B12 shots in order to lose weight. It's working, tons of women I know are dropping dress sizes with lightning speed (no pun intended), but the funny thing is, no one seems to want to confess they are all seeing this doctor. They all say it's "diet and exercise," when that's not true. Today a woman I know on this weight-loss system came into the salon & with a straight face said it was only diet & exercise that was credited to her losing almost 150 pounds! Another customer & I started talking about the B12 shots in front of her & only then did the new member of the skinny club sheepishly admit she had been on the B and speed (a term I've applied to the system). I responded with "Oh, so it wasn't just diet & exercise," my irritation very thinly veiled.

I'm very familiar with the B and speed system. My mom's friend lost a bunch of weight on it, crediting only "the zone" diet. When my mom cracked down to do it, expecting the same results, her friend felt guilty for misleading her, confessing she was taking these drugs. I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with going to a doctor & getting this help, but it is not fair to act as if you are getting these results by other means.

I've never been skinny. Never... nor will I ever unless I get cancer or lipo or the B & speed. Thanks polycystic ovarian syndrom, love ya! I eat healthy, I exercise, & as Hogeboom said just this morning, when it comes to running or kickboxing "I can kick most of those skinny bitches asses." I admit I consciously gained some weight after my divorce from not working out as much, drinking more, & eating out. I gained almost twenty pounds, but in about a month I've already lost half of that through diet, exercise... & pills.

Pills, yes, was that so hard to say? I workout & eat very healthy, a diet composed of egg, chicken, veggies & fruit which basically adds up to 1300 cal a day. However, if you can take a pill that will help you lose faster, why not take it? So I've been losing at a rate that's about 25% faster that what I would with diet & exercise alone, & I'm ok with accepting that extra help from medical science. If someone asks me (& they do!) what I've been doing to lose weight I tell them: diet, exercise, & I'm taking these diet pills.

I clearly offended the woman today & I did apologized afterwards, telling her that I did not mean to come off judgmental, & no matter what she does to lose the weight, her effort to have a healthier lifestyle is certainly commendable, which I mean. However, & I did not share this, it bothers me when people act like all you need is diet & exercise to be skinny--not just a healthy weight for your height, but red carpet skinny. That's not always true; sometimes to fight genetics, a slow metabolism, a hormonal imballance or just poor willpower, you need extra help, & I don't think you should be ashamed to admit that.

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