Monday, July 9, 2007

Boyfriend Survey

So I need cheering up after finding out I was rejected from the donor program... Actually I'm not that sad... I'm fishing for an excuse to do a survey... and I know Eric will love reading an entire survey gushing about my love for him... sooo...

The Boyfriend Survey

His age?
Twenty nine.

How many months are you apart?
Eighty one. Wow that's a lot.

Eye color?
Dark brown... and a little yellow... but it only freaks me out a little bit.

Hair color?
Even darker brown. And a little white... white hott.

Hair style?
Short, neat, clean. yeah I'm a sucker for a mohawk or emo cut... but his hair is masculine and nothing is sexier than a man that looks and acts like a man... not a quality you find in emo boys...

Typical outfit?
Levi's skinny jeans, 11's I think that's the style... which are totally sexy on him! His black chucks with black, not white shoe laces... a black band t-shirt... sometimes red or green... my favorite is green.

What physical features attracted you to him first?
Honestly none. He was never someone I saw as super hott or anything, he was my friend's quiet husband and my thoughts of him ended there. After we were single and friends... what first attracted me to him was his sense of humor, strength of character and how he dealt hard times, his logic and entire way of thinking. I respected him so much and I'd find after going on a date with someone else I'd be wishing I could meet someone as smart as him. So... that's what attracted me to him... who he is.. but if pressed to pick a physical feature, his expressions crack me up, a raised eyebrow drives me crazy... I see everything I want to know about how much he loves me in his eyes. Sooo... eyes. But tummy is a close second, it's perfect :)

How long did you know each other before you got together?
Ok, this is complicated so stay with me. The first time I went to First Baptist Church was the last time he attended. This was six and a half years ago. I heard a lot about him for the next four years, our paths crossed at weddings and such. We somehow started hanging out, as couples, he and his wife and me and my husband, about two years ago. He couldn't stand me, which I understand, I was a prized grade A bitch. I'd win at the fair. His wife left and my husband left and we began seeing eachother at shows and such, not on purpose. He broke his leg at a party we went to and needed someone to help out around the apartent for the next, oooh four months... and I was available... and we became great friends... and now six months after that he's proven to be the man I've always wanted but didn't believe existed... who knew?

How serious is it?
Not at all... we are laughing and joking around all the time... actually we can have a very serious talks, I'd trust him with my biggest problem... although problems are hard to come by these day... overall we are the happiest kids you'll ever meet.. aaaand I know that's not what you mean... so yeah it's very serious, we're getting married in seven months.

Do your parents like him?
More like adore...

Do you trust him?
With my life... my entire heart.. and I don't know what could be more precious.

Would you share a toothbrush with him?
Sure... that would prolly gross him out though... he is very clean.

Does he let you wear his pants?
I don't think they'd fit... his legs are like as long as my whole body.

Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep with?
I could if I wanted to... but I don't sleep in shirts...

Do you like the way he smells?
OMG I love it! I like the way just he smells, but he wears the best cologne ever and it drives me up the wall crazy for him... it's called "Jake," but they should just call it "I want to tear your clothes off."

Can you picture having kids with him?
Um I'm trying to not picture making kids with him to preserve my sanity over the next 219 days... sigh... but yeah we plan to have some kiddies at some point... don't worry, it'll be years down the road...

What bothers you the most about him?
God seriously... I don't know... we don't bother eachother at all, we don't fight, we love only. Ok you are totally unsatisfied with that... I feel it... ok ummm, the only thing I can think of that can bother me--oh I love his laugh by the way, I'm listening to him on the radio right now and his laugh makes me laugh--oh sorry, something that bothers me... uuuhhh I hate it when people push on my wrists or the inside of my arms and he forgets sometimes... but I forgive him because I'm so excited he's touching me... so yeah... is that ok?

Does he have a temper?
No! He's definitely not a push over, if something needs to be said he'll say it, but overall he's very laid back, which I love. If people are being dicks... then ditch 'em no reason to make a scene... I totally get his philosphy and you should subscribe as well.

Are you happy to be with him?
Yes... OMG I didn't know this happiness existed!!! Yes I'm so happy.

Do you think you could do better?
This man was made perfectly to fit me in every way possible, there is no one better for me than Eric. Oh how can I know that right? I'm so young... I haven't fucked nearly enough strangers... well I'll tell you friends... I know because I had this image of the perfect man, and every other man fell desperately short so I stopped looking thinking I was being unreasonable. Well that was not the case, my perfect man was out there for me all along... he fulfills my every desire leaving me wanted for nothing but more of him! So, the answer is no.

Does he embarrass you in public?
No and let me tell you, that's so refreshing!!! He's so funny and cool, I'm proud to be with him!

Does he smoke or do drugs?
No... the only reason people smoke is because they want to look cool. want to find an insecure soul that doesn't love or appreciate themself... follow the smoke... and people do drugs (yeah weed too) because they are unhappy with their reality so they need to create a false one... eric is both cool and happy, so need neither.

Does he drink?
Yes but never in excess.

Does he have any piercings?
No, he used to have his eyebrow done and I thought that was super hott but he took it out... well technically I took it out for him... I wish I hadn't... sigh...

Does he have any scars that you know of?
Yes, a few... his wrist and hand... then there's his eyebrow where the ring was...

Is he a party dude or stay at home?
Um, I'd say party. He's super cool with chilling at home but I feel like I'm usually the one that is too tired to go out and he wants to go hit a friend's party or a show. I need my crackshakes to keep up with him...

Is he outgoing or shy?
Neither I guess... he's not the center of attention but he's no wallflower either... personally I think he's the perfect level of social and cool.

Does he love his mom?
And his dad... his parents rock.

Would he hang out with you and your friends?
We have all the same friends actually... we made them at like the same time too... it's cool.

Would he hang out with you and his friends?
Yeah same answer...

Does he sing?
In the shower... oh and in a band. Actually... he's singing Mind Control by the Lillingtons live on the radio right now... yeah his voice is so hott... I think he does Kody Lillington better than Kody Lillington...

Call other girls?
Not really... he doesn't really have female friends like that... there's no need...

Wear boxers/briefs?

Wow that's it... ok... well I'm gonna go to sleep now... I just got to hear Eric sing "Without You" over the radio, dedicated to me, and so my night is complete... my life's truely a dream come true...

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