Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sans Bob

I think we are friends, I think you exist... but I'm not sure... it's been so long since I've heard your voice... last time I heard it you were standing right in front of me... like with all your skin and blood and bones and your breath just right there for anyone to see like it was no big deal... but it was... it was a huge deal... and I miss you again... a lot... right now. Like right now I want to eat chicken and talk to you and laugh and do my weird twitchy dance and watch you look at me like I'm an alien but know L'm an alien you like.

I'm tired of comments and blogs and messages and waiting for replies and forgetting to tell you about my day and remembering that one time in Santa Cruz like it was yesterday and forgetting it's been hundreds of yesterdays since that day that we took pictures of those signs and ate so much sugar my stomach hurt. But a good kind of hurt.

Its only been a mere 63 days since I last stood in the same air with you, unsure what to say because nobody likes goodbyes, especially long ones, and I think this has gone on long enough! Come home and indoctrinate me with your movies and your music and your love for Mexican food and your stories and your slightly obsessive cleanliness and it will never be old and it will never be annoying because I know right now this moment that I miss you and never want to have a life sans Bob...

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