Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm My Own Valentine

I was standing in my closet this morning before going to bed (yeah I went to bed after the sun was up, someone had to keep an eye on the night while the lazy ass sun was sleeping) and I was thinking about a what if. What if I had a Valentine, and I was picking out my outfit for our date. I realized I have some of the hottest outfits ever, and no one to wear them for. Why didn't I dress like this before? I pick up my little green and black pleated mini skirt and hold it up. That'll do, oh that'll more than do. I slide it on to that spot where it hangs from my hips effortlessly. I have a totally new personality from the one I sported this time last year, I wonder if any of this is just my look. I try not to be obnoxious, but I certainly don't mind staring at myself in this mirror. I'm my own personal barbie, only with a better rack. I slip into my new knee high boots. They are way too tall, way too much, but sometimes I am too. My leopard or my pink bra... the leopard is probably the fiercest thing to ever touch my skin. Leopard it is and back to the mirror to admire the effect. You know people always talk about how hard the holidays are when you are alone, especially Valentines Day. I don't see, feel, whatever, that. I'm not even remotely tempted to call up one of those boys just to have a hand to hold, someone to take me out, take me home with them. I turn to the side, flash my favorite look back at the mirror, that one I always save. Honestly, I'm not worried, none of them deserve this anyway.

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