Friday, December 22, 2006

The Libertion Part Three

Yesterday I did not write because I only had two things to say and I did not feel that was enough for a whole blog. Thing one was that cold has been redefined for me. Thing two is that I had a lot of time to think about me, and my friends, and who really are friends and who aren't. That's a tough distinction to make, I'm working on it... but that was yesterday... on to today.

Today Bob and I headed over to London. My goal was to kiss one of those guards, either resulting in being dragged off by the police, or being asked in for tea because I rock so hard, either way it would be a great picture and even better blog.

Well I did not get to kiss a guard, or even see one, because London does not believe in parking. Like not like there were parking places but they were filled... there were no places, garages, lots... nothing. We saw amazing historical buildings, cozy warm coffee shops, everything... but there was not a parking place to be found.

So we did not get to do typical touristy things like see the Queen's pad or caress the globe theater (which I imagined to be orgasmic, but now I won't know) but as we drove on for hours and hours and... hours. We did see some seriously amazing architecture, and some really shifty parts of hackney, a pimp with a top hat, and several locations where you can get unspecified surgergical proceedures done.

I know, I know... you think the only places to get surgery are in hospitals and doctor's offices. How uncreative! Here in England we prefer damp dark back alley locations cradled between smoke shops and liquor stores that are simply labeled with a hand painted sign saying "Surgery." I wish we could have found a parking spot because I wanted to get a closer look! We saw a couple of these places, and Bob and I believe they are used to lure people in, where murderers lie within. And the way I see it... if you go in, you kinda asked for it.

So... we barely escaped and by three in the afternoon started heading towards Cambridge... where they have parking... and wicked fog...

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