Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bad Chain Breakers

"Wow Cori, you are having a horrific semester!" Thanks teach, I know.

Anyone else notice how bad seems to breed bad? Like one bad thing happens and that leads to even more bad things while you are still trying to recover from the first? Like oh, let's say maybe your husband leaves you so you have to move a couple times which gets you behind in school and you have to work full time to get a long so you are extra tired so your grades get even worse so you decide sleep is not really a serious priority when you are at risk of failing more that one class so you decide instead of sleeping you'll study but then you fall asleep in class and miss the lectures which pisses you off so you just decide to go home and then... you crash into a fucking tree.

Because that's exactly what would make me feel better!

Somewhere along the line there has to be a break in this, somewhere someone has to step in and say "No way Jose, this girl has taken enough shit, let's give her a breather." But that's when instead, they slap a neck brace on you, strap you to a board, jam a few needles and an iv in your arm, and look you in the eyes and say, "That was a really bad crash, you should be dead... let's make you wish you were..."

I don't know where in the paramedic rule book it says "if the injured is not hurt enough, make sure she gets what was coming to her" because honestly, I think the worst part of crashing my car into a tree should be... crashing my car into a tree. However, apparently that's just what gets the little mouse trap started. The little boot kicks a basket that leads to being strapped to a board against your will and whisked away to hospital land where you are filled with torturous fluids for hours and poked up and oh, left sitting upright for two hours with a neck brace on so I couldn't move... thanks assholes!

In case I didn't hate hospitals enough, eight hours later I really do.

I guess the good thing is that once again I got to realize how much my friends rock, thanks for all the calls and stuff. I really really appreciate it, especially when everyone hasn't been so understanding. I know, who can be mean to a girl in a neck brace... sigh... I know one man that can.

Anyhow... thanks... hey, I guess I got my answer... you guys are the bad-chain breakers I needed :)

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