Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ice Cream Wrath

This is an official complaint I am placing with my father. Instead of walking across the hall and telling you i'm pretty sure you are on online right now so this is how you will have to find out...

Everyday I look forward to my ice cream at night. This is not an excessive amount, but enough to make me happy. I have lived a relatively ice creamless life under the reign of my insane trainer and I am liberating myself through this small, nightly indulgence.

Well tonight, as I sat watching tv with mom, I said, "Hey, who wants some ice cream?" and got up. Yeah turns out no one is getting ice cream! Father, you ate all of it. There were two empty containers in the sink, what is this??? Not acceptable! You have two women in the house, don't mess with the ice cream supply!

Mom and I have decided to make a secret ice cream lair. You will never find it, and it will have all the best kinds, and you'll be way sorry when we emerge from our lair nightly with our awesome ice cream and ice cream accessories.

So instead of ice cream I had an apple. Not cool Dad, not cool.

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