Thursday, June 8, 2006

Outsmarted by a Soup Can

So I buy this soup. I love it. I buy it a lot and it's only about 70... omg where is the cents sign? There is no cents sign on my key pad! Great now i'll be steaming about that too. Ok anyway, the soup, it rocks, but it's way smarter than me and it ticks me off everytime then I'm frustrated about my dinner and it's not the joyful expierience it should be. I get all excited about my soup, like i did tonight, get out my electric can opener (which I don't like having to search for, struggle with cord etc) and that's when it always happens.

The top of the can opens like a soda can, with a tab. I never remember this and I always get out the electric can opener and plug it in before I look. It's so frustrating. I could easily cut out one whole step between preparation and eating and I forget every time.

So now I'm really hungry and I'm gonna go put the can opener away since I don't freaking need it. uggghhhh!

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