Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chinese Food:2 Everyone Else:0

So when I wrote my last Chinese food blog it was only... say about an hour after eating it. I had broken the cardinal rule of Chinese food eating: never talk against the Chinese food until it has remained in your system for at least twenty-four hours. I failed to heed this, and was sorely punished.

As I leaned over the toilet at 1am in the morning, Dallas lovingly clasping his pillow over his head, all I could think was: "how ironic... and what a great blog this will make."

Ben had the opportunity to drive his vomiting friend home a couple nights ago. Ben asked what happened... all his friend could utter was... "Chinese."

The sneaky Chinese attack like no other... it's amazing we haven't been invaded all ready... all China would have to do is offer their tasty noodles and sauces that somehow mask rotten food and the land of the free would soon be the land of the Chinese.

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