Friday, July 15, 2005

Not a Low Calorie Food

Today I went grocery shopping. Everywhere you see low carb, low fat, light... lots of stuff for those of us trying to shed a pound or ten. And if a product is high in fat or carbs or nitroglycerin, the manufacturers usually just shut up about it and hope that we don't notice. Pretty smart if you ask me. If they don't bring it up, I don't have to think about it. It's the dieter's don't ask don't tell.

No, not the Wrigley's extra! Yes I'm talking about gum again, so shut up. I was carefully selecting a flavor I thought would be slightly safer than the cool green apple. I decided on polar ice, sugar free of course! But then I noticed it! Right there on the front, not hidden on the back or side or under a secret flap it said it: not a low calorie food. I literally stood there for a full minute, several shoppers poked me to see if I was ok.

Is there any reason why this needed to be advertised? I already feel guilty about being addicted to the hidden calories in propel (ten cal per eight oz) but now they can't just let me pretend that the gum that I'm chewing, not even eating, just chewing, is adding a precious five cal to my daily calorie intake, and that's per a stick! Come on! Give a girl a break!

So that's my disaster of the day. Not only am I a chain chewer, but now I'll be a fat one as well. Why couldn't it be smoking! At least then I'd be addicted and skinny!

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