Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Our Lord, Amen

Our Lord does not deal in the way of the flesh, in the Earthly tongue that is natively ours. Our Lord does not have a cold checklist, an impersonal set of requirements to be fulfilled. Our Lord does not neglect the imperfect, the unfaithful, the stumbling lost. These are the things of fainthearted and self-righteous.

Our Lord works on a spiritual level so much higher than ours that we can not preach or define it. One that we can only strive to reach, though it cannot be seen, touched, or heard. One that places no single mark on those in which it dwells, lest we be able to recognize it and set ourselves up as judges. There is no test to pass, pledge to recite, or prerequisite to satisfy. These are the things of the worldly and dull-witted.

Those who determine the salvation of others, who define the signs, have set them selves up as judge and God. They are the stumbling blocks that hinder the Lord's work, delight the enemy, and destroy the seeker.

Salvation is not in knowledge, scriptures, works, obedience, morality, righteousness. These are the idols set up by those who envy our Judge's seat, who agonize in their own simplicity, who hunger for power this is not rightly theirs.

My words carry no judgment, as these are my brothers. My heart offers no advice, as my words are condemned. Do not look towards me for the answers, for I only have one: "For god so loved the earth, that he gave his only begotten son." I'm only sorry that to you, this was not enough.